Roanoke electrical experts offer tips to protect electronic devices, lifesaving equipment during summer storms

Southern Trust Home Services says homeowners should consider whole home surge protectors and generators to provide additional protection and power continuity

ROANOKE, Va., June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With the summer thunderstorm season on the horizon,  Southern Trust Home Services, a leading electrical, HVAC and plumbing company serving southwest Virginia, says that homeowners should protect their home and property from power surges, particularly if they have expensive electronic equipment and depend on lifesaving medical devices.

"Virginia has about seven tornadoes and 40 days of thunderstorm activity a year, and Roanoke is particularly vulnerable to late afternoon thunderstorms," said Ted Puzio, owner of Southern Trust Home Services. "This means that your family could experience anything from major power surges to power outages than can last for hours, if not days. This can cause damage to your home's electrical equipment or cut the power to any healthcare devices like breathing machines or home dialysis equipment."

Puzio said preventing damage from power surges and maintaining functionality during outages should be planned before storm season arrives. He suggested homeowners try the following:

  1. Unplug nonessential items during a storm. While no one can predict when a storm will take out an electrical grid, by unplugging expensive appliances and devices, a homeowner can protect them from power surges once the power turns back on.
  2. Consider a whole home generator. If a resident relies on life-saving devices, a generator may be the best option during a power outage. While a portable generator is preferable to no power at all, a whole home generator might be a better option because it comes on automatically, is rated to stay outside so that harmful fuel sources are vented properly and is more reliable and convenient than its portable counterparts. They can also keep refrigerators running to keep food from spoiling.
  3. Consider installing a whole home surge protector. This protector is installed onto a home's circuit panel and acts as a barrier between the home's electrical system and the power grid. These are also useful in protecting internal surges. When transient surges are emitted from one piece of electronic equipment, it can go back to the circuit panel and affect all a home's outlets. A whole home surge protector will stop that errant current before it can do more damage.
  4. Have the home's wiring evaluated. If a home is more than 40 years old, the homeowner should consider an electrical inspection. Modern demands put more strain on a home's wiring, and this can make the wiring even more susceptible to damage during electrical storms.
  5. Distribute electronic equipment and appliances evenly. When possible, homeowners should try to space their larger appliances and electronic equipment onto separate outlets with dedicated outlet surge protectors to evenly distribute the load. For example, use separate outlets for the television and computer.

"It may be expensive to consider a generator or new wiring, but the alternative is to replace expensive equipment that could add up to more," Puzio said. "And, if you have a loved one who relies on life-saving devices, being without power or losing their equipment due to a power surge could result in your having to rush them to the hospital to continue their care until the power comes back on or the equipment is replaced. We simply want Virginians to be protected during this volatile season."

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