RESTON, Va., March 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Heart+Mind Strategies, a leading research-based strategic consultancy, has set out to discover what makes «Quiet Trendsetters» tick.

These Americans are different from the vocal participants in most polls.  They:

  • Don’t reach out to elected officials to share their views
  • Don’t attend rallies or political events
  • Aren’t leaders of organizations in their communities
  • Have many strong and well-formed opinions on current events, but aren’t quick to share those opinions
  • Do have favorite brands and like trying new products

Critically, for both political parties, they have low interest in politics but will turn out for candidates who inspire them.      

As one study participant said:

«I guess I’ve voted for President 10 times so far and each time has been a little different.  Different time in history, different issues going on, different feelings of what’s important and what’s not important.  Sometimes I voted for the same candidate in two successive elections and other times I did not.»

Low Interest in Politics, Still Turn Out to Vote When Inspired

Why Quiet Trendsetters will be a Challenge in Coming Elections

Although they can become engaged, they tend to be locally focused.  They get news mostly from local sources, like community newspapers and local TV, or Facebook.  They aren’t reading thought pieces or even the best placed op-ed. Many find the news depressing or painful to follow and rely on others to tell them what is going on in the world.  «Media» and «news» have a serious credibility hurdle with this audience. 

«I usually get my news through word of mouth.»

«I watch several times a week on various news channels.  Sometimes I will go to their websites or I see news pop up on my Facebook.  I feel like a lot of the news is just for ratings and wanting to scare people who are watching the news.» 

Focus is on Organic and Local News

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