ARLINGTON, Va., March 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Pharmaceutical and Biotech sciences are constantly amazing both patients and doctors with drugs and delivery methods that seem to be out of fiction movies. It is hard to believe that innovations like 3D printing of drugs, traceable protein biomaterials, marijuana-based new cures, and sugarless taste masking are real, and all of them will be discussed during ExcipientFest Americas, along with the latest pharmaceutical regulatory updates and sourcing solutions affecting the global marketplace on April 25th and 26th in Providence, Rhode Island.

ExcipientFest Americas has been the leading educational conference and expo devoted to scientific, regulatory and sourcing developments in pharmaceutical excipients for over 16 years.

ExcipientFest, presented by the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council Federation (IPEC Federation), features 3 days of in-depth workshops and educational sessions, poster sessions and an expo. The event will bring together more than 200 companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including ingredient manufacturers like BASF, DFE Pharma, FMC Corporation, JRS Pharma, etc.  Representatives from federal regulatory agencies and organizations also participate, including the FDA, U.S. Pharmacopeia and NSF Pharma Biotech.

«We’re pleased to be in the Northeast corridor, which supports a high concentration of biotech and pharma-related companies. This is a new area to be addressed as excipients play an important role in Biotech applications and molecule development,» said Dwight Mutchler, president and creator of ExcipientFest. «New applications and biologics will always be intertwined with pharma but they have their own special challenges that need to be analyzed and regulated.»

ExcipientFest began in 2001 to provide a forum for excipient users, manufacturers, regulatory agencies and academia to share technical, regulatory and commercial developments. The conference/expo has grown over the past 17 years to attract more than 500+ pharmaceutical professionals per event; R&D, QA, Regulatory, Manufacturing and Commercial.  ExcipientFest Americas has frequented venues in pharma clusters such as Puerto Rico, Baltimore, Raleigh and now Providence. Internationally, ExcipientFest has been produced three times in Europe and four times in China (scheduled for July 2017 in Beijing).

Excipients are the inactive ingredients used direct the efficacy and performance of the active molecules (API) in all applications for today’s medications. They provide consistency and form to allow the active ingredients to be more effectively administered and absorbed by the body. Excipients also stabilize active ingredients, increase their shelf life and aid in their handling. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, excipients play a role in industries like nutraceuticals, food and cosmetics.

International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC) is the industry association that develops, implements and promotes global use of appropriate quality, safety and functionality standards for pharmaceutical excipients and excipient delivery systems. IPEC-Americas along with counterparts in Europe, China and Japan serve as the primary international resource on excipients for its members, governments and public audiences. (

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