MCLEAN Va., Jan. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — airPHX («air fix») confirms successful results from deployment of patented non-thermal plasma technology in two live hospital environments.  The deployments are in a Mid-Atlantic U.S. hospital, and they include treating an entire oncology wing and the emergency room with just one airPHX device each.   Results include consistent 91-99% reductions in surface and airborne pathogens throughout the entire treatment space, including high-touch surfaces, with benefits extending into adjacent floors.  The results can be reviewed at

Effective on both airborne and surface pathogens, airPHX technology provides continuous infection control for the health care industry.  Using a proprietary application of atmospheric cold plasma, airPHX offers a cost-effective alternative to existing infection control protocols.  Scalable and affordable... airPHX has been proven effective on 30 common HAI pathogens including bacteria, viruses and protozoa. (PRNewsfoto/airPHX)

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)

Antimicrobial resistant pathogens pose an ongoing challenge to hospitals because they cause HAIs during clinical treatment of patients. Existing methods to address this challenge include expensive and dangerous cleaning chemicals and deployment of expensive UV-C technology. Both solutions incur significant labor costs and have limitations, and neither solution provides ongoing protection between treatments.

Global Catastrophic Biological Risk (GCBR)

Along with HAIs, naturally occurring microorganisms that constitute a GCBR are becoming a topic of increasingly urgent concern.  Severe infectious diseases, e.g. severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARs), adenovirus and Ebola, present pandemic potential with solutions limited by geography and financial resources.

airPHX technology can be deployed in healthcare facilities, remote clinics, transportation or any environment that exposes patients, aid workers and staff to infection risk.  Disbursing a low level of reactive oxygen species (ROS), airPHX works continuously in the background as a prophylaxis with no labor costs and minimal operating expenses.  The ROS operate as an oxidizer of pathogens, eliminating pathogens in the air and on all surfaces exposed to ambient air.  airPHX technology destroys pathogens on over 30 viruses, bacteria and protozoa with over 4 log reductions in organisms in a 30-minute period.  airPHX is currently deployed in over 50 facilities with uniformly consistent results.

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About airPHX

airPHX is a private company offering air and surface sanitization solutions. It is known for its cost-effective and innovative technology that delivers results without the use of chemicals or UV radiation.

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